Nocturnal Reveries Story 1987 -1995

"This series of electronically manipulated images illustrates an odyssey. Not only does it chronicle my own journey, both artistic and personal, over an eight year period, it also represent a timeline of my exploration with digital imaging, long before most people knew what digital even was.
The earliest primitive images were shot with a Canon "zapshot" minifloppy disk camera, "frame grabbed" into and created in computer before there was even a method of getting them back out.
Like film stills, each image is a moment captured and suspended from this nighttime daydream. I invite you to immerse yourself in the story, and to examine your own perceptions about the scenes. Nocturnal Reveries seeks an emotional connection with you the viewer, perhaps opening new gateways in your own personal odyssey, or re-examining paths you've already explored, contributing your own experience as we continue on this journey shared daily . . life.
In continuing with my exploration of digital, this series has now come full circle with my release of limited editions on fiber prints.
What I envisioned more than twenty five years ago has finally arrived." . Dennis

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    Soaring To The Dream Part 1


    Soaring To The Dream Part 1: In that place between awake and sleep we rediscover our ability to fly. Slowly drifting away we reawaken this forgotten capacity.
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    Soaring To The Dream Part 2


    Soaring To The Dream Part 2: Becoming lighter and more buoyant in our surrounding space, we begin to explore and revel in the experience, pushing forth . . . soaring to the dream.
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    Premonition At The Gate #1


    Premonition At The Gate 1: Arriving on the first plane of our journey we are confronted with a vision. We appear to be separated, within and outside of ourselves at the same time. In one sphere of the vision we are surrounded by the beast. Fear challenges our desire for further exploration. Do we pass through these gates to the unknown or turn back? Should we confront the many facets of self and face the challenge of growth or return to the security of ego.
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    Premonition At The Gate #2


    Premonition At The Gate 2: A moment later the premonition becomes larger and more real. Something inside says that now is the time to take a chance. The mixture of fear, curiosity, and a sense of adventure coax us to continue on this journey.
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    Granting Safe Passage


    Granting Safe Passage: Once we decide to make the journey we have only to ask for the inner guidance that will carry us safely forward. Here the guardian spirit is leading us forth, granting safe passage.
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    Chariot Of The Winds


    Chariot Of The Winds: Our journey takes us to many planes of experience. On the way we encounter many different beings, each an aspect of ourselves. This man/beast mythological satyr entices us with a curious sexuality. Confronting the fact that indulgence in this aspect of self is not the primary purpose of our journey allows us to transcend to the next higher plane. We allow this being to exist within our consciousness, yet cautiously watch as he continues past us on his chariot of the winds.
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    Plane Of The Three Faced Giant


    Plane Of The Three Faced Giant: Arriving on the next plane we experience a giant being with three faces. Each mask looking the same, which one do we look into to see the true soul? We are overcome with an awareness that in order to come face to face with" true self " we must drop the masks of falsehood and deception. To move to yet higher planes of consciousness we must become seekers of truth.
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    At The River Of Belief


    At The River Of Belief: On our journey we are joined by a serpent that promises to help guide us along the correct path. The serpent represents many different things to different cultures, both good and bad. You must decide whether or not to trust its guidance. Having been led through the desert and offered knowledge of ancient symbols and ceremonies, you end up here at the river of belief. Only you can decide what is truth.
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    Bathing In The Light


    Bathing In The Light: Arriving on the plane of ancient ritual we are attracted by the bright source of Energy. Passing through the archway the origin of the light becomes apparent. We experience the extreme joy of connectedness and understanding. Overcome with the emotion of love, we bow down, absorbing the energy, bathing in the light.
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    Recollection: Aligning ourself within this energy, we spiral up the path of light to a plane where all things in the universe are happening at a single point in time. We experience birth, death, and rebirth all in a single instant. Connected to all and all time. It is this recollection that helps to free us from the bounds of our earthly consciousness and perceptions.
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    Plane Of Wonder


    Plane Of Wonder: Returning back down the spiral shaft we begin to view our "self" from a new perspective. We are inside and outside all at once. Our journey continues on this plane of wonder.
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    Stream Of Consciousness


    Stream Of Consciousness: Landing once again on this worldly plane, we bring our new knowledge of life into being. Landing here, in the stream of consciousness.